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Paulsen Collection

Paulsen Collection is a brand of Paulsen Editions specialising in photographic works and high quality printed books.

When Frederik Paulsen founded the brand, he aimed to develop a collection that could offer the opportunity to discover the oeuvre of independent artists through the publication of their outstanding photographic images.

Today, Paulsen Collection focuses on monographic limited editions, and promotes established and emergent artists from international contexts, producing volumes that foster connections between artist and their audience, facilitating
the formation of an art community.

The attention to detail and the experimental, innovative and sophisticated design make Paulsen Collection the ideal publisher of photography and fine art.


Sasha Gusov

©Igor Makarov©Igor Makarov
Photographs, by Sasha Gusov

Sasha Gusov is a Russian photographer based in London. Introduced to the medium by his uncle, he begun taking photographs at the age of 13. Self-thought, in 1989 he moved to London to pursue his dream of becoming a famous photographer.

In 1993, his photographs featuring the Bolshoi theatre on tour with Yuri Grigorovich’s troupe were published in the British Journal of Photography. Since then, his work has been issued in magazines and newspapers such as VOGUE and Cosmopolitan, The Times , and The Daily Telegraph among others.

Gusov has exhibited his work throughout Europe and published several photographic books, including Locusts, Shooting Images, Italian Carousel, Belarus Terra Incognita and The royal parks of London. His subjects include pop icons, artists, models, musicians, members of royal family, politicians, workers and his own family.


Paulina Surys

©Sasha Gusov©Sasha Gusov
Limbo, by Paulina Otylie Surys

Born in 1979 in Leszno, Paulina Otylie Surys is a Polish fashion photographer based in London, UK.

Influenced by her study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, she started to experiment with the photographic medium working on Polaroids, manipulating and hand-colouring them. She then completed her education in Photography at Middlesex University in London.

Applying a mixture of toners, chemicals, inks and dry dyes, photography and painting merge in equal measure in her images. She employs a variety of vintage cameras, working with 35mm, medium and large format film, and uses a wide range of techniques such as tintype and the wet plate collodion processing. Surys' practice is inspired by an old and traditional form of colourizations that introduces limited colour into a black-and-white film.

Inspired by mythological stories and Medieval sorcerers, alchemists and mystics, Surys’ work centres on creating surreal and unique situations that combine the world of reality with the domain of imagination, illusion and hallucination.

Her work has appeared in numerous magazines such as VISION China, FIASCO, IDOL, DROME, Volt, Talk Be., VOGUE.com online, and recently, The British Journal of Photography (portfolio).
Limbo is her first monographic album.


Vladimir Mishukov

Paris, by Vladimir Mishukov
Slava Durak, by Vladimir Mishukov

Born in 1969 and based in Moscow, Russia. The photographer Vladimir Mishukov obtained his BA at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts in 1995.

His first exhibition People for people was held in 2000 at the Butyrskaya prison in Moscow. Between 2000 and 2004, Mishukov was awarded the Silver Camera Grand Prix (Russia) in categories "Events and Everyday Life", "Architecture" and "Faces", and in 2004 he was granted a scholarship by the city of Paris. Since then, his work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Lausanne (2010), Aix-en-Provence (2011), and Moscow (2012).

He has worked for several magazines such as VOGUE, GQ, ELLE, Instyle, Harpers BAZAAR, GLAMOUR and Madame Figaro; and he is the author of several photographic albums such as Inseparable (2011), Polnopolunie (2010) and Family Cult (2006).


Xenia McBell

©Sergey Lekomtsev©Sergey Lekomtsev
London, by Xenia McBell

Born in 1985 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Xenia McBell currently lives and works in London.

She studied Philology at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia (2005); Economics at the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK (2009); and Photography at the London College of Communication, UK (2010).

Photography is a self-thought passion. Inspired by the works of authors such as Sarah Moon, Diane Arbus, Peter Witkin and Paolo Roversi, she experiments with collage, photo-montage and light drawing techniques, and focuses her photographic practice on catching ephemeral moments of reality, trying to express the subconscious.